12 Oct 2012

Hello everyone

I am really thrilled to have received two awards from a fellow blogger Trudi The Sunshine Award and The Lovely Blog Award. (These are the first I have ever received)

Both of these awards come with some rules:

I am to publicly thank the people who gave them to me. 
I am to share some information about myself 
I am to nominate some of my favorite blogs 
I am to comment on their blogs to let them know I’ve awarded them. 

The One Lovely Blog award asks me to share 7 facts about myself while the Sunshine Award has some specific questions for me to answer. The Sunshine Award questions will effectively cover the 7 facts about me.
Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: Monkey/Budgie
Favorite number: 5

Favorite drink: Peach Archers
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Good book or good movie: Movie
Giving or getting gifts: Hard one this but I think giving 
My passion: I have to agree with Trudi on that it has to be my family and crafting
Favorite day: a day of crafting
Favorite flower: Snowdrops 

Well, hopefully I haven't bored you, now it's my turn to nominate these awards to some bloggers that have not only inspired me, but also supported me when I've needed it and we all need a bit of that at sometimes, so without much further ado I announce: Eileen and Fiona purely because I've followed these blogs long before I joined Blog Land.
Joan and Jane because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't of joined (Joan has won this award)

Eileen Godwin
Fiona's adventures in craft -land!
3. Jane
Thanks once again Trudi, really means a lot xxx


  1. Margaret ... I am really pleased that you thought of me for the above awards ... I know you have followed my blog for a long time and have always been such a great support on my blog and on Facebook. You have always been very kind and left such lovely comments about my work ... I have lots of friends, like you, that have stayed with me and awards or no awards you are very special x A really big and truly heartfelt ... Thank you xxxxx

    1. Awww thanks Eileen. blush blush